Potty Training Boys Tips

My Potty Training Journey with My Son

I’m a mom to three great kids. (I know we all think our kids are the best, but mine truly are fantastic.) That’s not the say that we don’t have issues. potty training boys tipsWe do. Right now, the issue that was stealing most of my time was potty training Max. Max is 2-years-old. He’s my middle child. He has an older sister, Olive and a little brother, Pauly.

Olive was a breeze to potty train. I started when she was 19 months old. In all our new parent excitement we had bought the potty and left it in the washroom and she was curious about it. Soon she wanted to use it, and it didn’t take long before she was trained in the day and then a few months later, trained during the night too.

When Max came along I thought I’d be in for the same potty training journey. I was so wrong! Max wanted nothing to do with the potty or anything associated with it. He complained, he pulled back and he refused to use it. His second birthday came and went and before I knew it he was edging towards turning 3.

I had visions of Max going to pre-school in a diaper. I was feeling so much anxiety over it all and I have to say that many of my childless friends just didn’t get the big deal. I heard so many comments like, “he’ll do it when he wants,” or “he’ll be potty trained by the time he’s 5.” I wasn’t reassured at all.

Friends’ Advice on Potty Training Boys

When I brought up the issue of potty training a boy with my fellow moms they all had a different approach. One suggested that I let Max wander around our house naked. I tried that and I have to admit that I cleaned up after him more than our puppy. It was a disaster and my husband was right – it was a bad idea from the start.

Other potty training boy tips I found being thrown at me included teaching him to urinate outside first because it would be fun. It wasn’t fun. He wasn’t interested so that was just another disappointment.

When one close friend suggested I just didn’t know how to control Max, I stopped asking for advice from anyone. I was humiliated, frustrated and feeling very anxious.

I started doing some online research and came across a few different methods. Unfortunately, none really worked. We had some sporadic success but then Max would go right back to wanting to wear a diaper. At one point he was bringing me a clean diaper because he had soiled the one he was wearing.

The Approach to Potty Training that Worked for Me

potty training secrets reviewThen I found this and everything changed. I stumbled on some information that Carol Cline had shared about potty training. It was almost as though I had an epiphany. I watched this video and within days Max was potty trained. He was happy and I was ecstatic.

The system Carol developed works well for either boys or girls. I will be using it with Pauly and wish I had found it when I was training Olive. It’s guaranteed. It was truly a gift for me. It took all the stress of potty training away and replaced it with a calm, easy to follow method that worked!

You can watch the video here.

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